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ani, glitter

As City Commissioner He Rode in the Starlight Parade

I remember going to the river with my family when I was really small, maybe three or four, and there was kind of an electric light parade on the water. We were on the east bank, and I can remember my aunt saying that she could see the queen's ring from there.

Later, I was a police officer assigned to the Grand Floral Parade. That was good, because you could move around and everyone was having fun. We used to carry a little vial of ammonia, so if someone fainted we could give them a whiff and bring them around.

Then I was a reporter from Channel 2, and I interviewed people along the route -- talking to families and little kids with sticky fingers.

When I was a City Commissioner, I rode in the Starlight Parade in an antique firetruck. At the time I was also a Royal Rosarian, the only member of the City Council who was one.

Dick Bogle

[Dick Bogle is a local news and political celebrity, who is currently a music reviewer for The Skanner newspaper and a jazz DeeJay for KMHD-FM radio.]

~Dick Bogle