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ani, glitter

A Great Friendship -- Thanks to Rose Festival!

"What is a GREAT friendship?"

To me, it's a friendship with a lady I met back in 1957. I was in third and Robyn was in second grade -- and we met as Junior Rose Festival Princesses.

Suzy and Robyn -- serving on the 1957 Junior Rose Court

Fifty years later we're still friends -- though she never wastes an opportunity to remind me that I'm a whole year older than she! It's not just the longevity that's important to us, but the multitude of memories and caring we've shared during all these years...

Robyn was always special to me because we had mutual birthdays on March 30. My Mom invited her to my tenth birthday slumber party, where we stayed up most of the night playing 'King of the Mattress' -- a land version of king of the dock (where you have a pillow fight and try to be the last one on the bed). The next year Robyn invited me to her house. We kept alternating 'birthday houses' until I was in eighth grade. Back then I was a Junior Dance Instructor for the Norm Stoll Dance Studio in the Hollywood District and Robyn attended with several of her friends to take lessons. Since a couple of the guys -- Jim and Steve -- were real 'hotties,' it was a mutual decision that Robyn would throw the parties from then on and have dance music (though the had to leave before the slumber party began).

We both went away to college and 'missed' a few years in the process. Robyn went to Oregon Institute of Technology and I went to Seattle University. She met the man of her dreams and got married, while I flew for TWA International and finally graduated from the University of Washington as an Architect. I met my significant other and we moved back to Portland to start a family. Though Robyn was a year younger she had a jump start on me, as she was a homeowner with one baby girl (and another on the way). It was so special to me to have her and Dan at my first housewarming!

Three years later I, too, had a baby girl. Since I needed to keep my full time job -- and even though she was busy herself with her home-based business -- Robyn agreed to baby-sit my daughter for the first two years. She made a dream come true and didn't let me miss a beat in my daughter's development, taking pictures of important moments (like my baby's first tooth and first hairbow).

Suzy and Robyn today

Now the kids are grown and on their own. I've been to Robyn's daughters' weddings and baby showers and she attended my daughter's wedding. We're both very busy with our lives, but never too busy to celebrate our birthdays together each year!

Thanks to the Rose Festival we've had a unique and special friendship all through our lives.

~Suzy Sivyer