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ani, glitter

Waltzing as a Rose Festival Event (Circa 1985)

The picture is worn and very faded, but it has been on my shelf for many years. It captures me and my husband George waltzing on ice when ice dancing was part of a skating competition held at Valley Ice Arena, Beaverton.

Ice Waltzing - from The Oregonian

This competition was named "Rose Festival" and was a part of the Rose Festival Celebration. Though the competition still occurs in June, it was renamed many years ago and I am not sure that it has the same connection.

At that time, my husband of three years and I competed in the Silver Veteran's Dance. This was an ice dancing competition open to individuals over the age of 35 who had attained a certain level of skill as evidenced by proficiency tests. The Silver Veteran's Dance consisted of dances at the Silver Dance test level or below. The picture in The Oregonian (Tuesday, June 4, 1985, page 4M) showed us skating in waltz position, probably dancing to a slow set pattern dance, most probably the Willow Waltz.

I don't remember how we placed, but when I look at this faded photograph it's nice to remember that Rose Festival Competition when waltzing on ice to slow lilting melody was a Rose Festival Event. Our skating days have long since ended, but the joy of dancing a waltz on ice remains a treasured memory relived through an old, faded photo from the past.

~Jerilyn Felton