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ani, glitter

My Memories of Rose Festival Through the Years

It's been many years since I was measured to see if I met the height requirements for the Junior Court back in the fifties at Woodstock School.

Later, as a student at Cleveland, I remember that every year I'd watched the girls who tried out for the honor of being school Princess.

I also remember going to the Fun Center (then located in the park blocks) and riding the double ferris wheel, while feeling both scared and thrilled as I looked out over the tree tops.

I recall seeing many Junior Parades, with hundreds of marching children on Sandy boulevard. I was so excited to see Heck Harper, Rambling Rod, Sally Field, Don Schollander, and the very long 'Roman era' float that was covered with animals and colorful flowers in the Grand Floral Parade. I remember feeling proud when the American flag and honor guard passed by and everyone would stand to praise and applaud our people in the military.

I've thought of many themes to suggest for each new festival, but have only had the courage to submit a few! I also recall the time I took my two daughters to their first Junior Parade with the cotton candy, clowns and those beautiful, huge Clydesdales!

And last -- but certainly not least -- was the pride my husband and I felt to see both our daughters, Alisha and Sara, honored by their classmates when they each served on Franklin high school courts (trying out for the Rose Festival Court). Plus the joy of having Alisha serve as Franklin's Princess on the 1988 Rose Festival Court.

I was feeling that same first time excitement of the bands, parades, flags and flowers -- but this time I was watching my kids on the thrill rides.

Thank you for letting me reminiscent!

~Dottie Ritner