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ani, glitter

Trying Out for the Junior Court in 1954

In 1954 I tried out for the Junior Rose Court at Oakley Green Grade School in NE Portland. We were chosen to represent Immaculate Heart Grade School in the area competition. I remember my dress was rose pink -- and that all the girls' dresses were different colors. I also remember they picked this one for me because they said it would look nice with my black hair and pink cheeks!

I was so proud -- and so-o-o thrilled to get to hold onto Stanley Luty's arm, as I had a huge crush on him!

Myra Pfenning and Stanley Luty in 1954

The little necklace I'm wearing in the photo was given to us to wear during competition -- and then to keep. I still have it! And guess what? I can still remember the poem (speech) I had to recite, plus the 'official princess curtsey' that I had to learn. It really made me feel special!

We didn't win, but what a wonderful experience! It made me a lifelong fan of the Rose Festival!

I took my three children to the Junior Parade every year -- and we still wouldn't miss the Grand Floral Parade!

I'm sorry that we don't have this wonderful Junior Court tradition anymore -- it was such a very special time for me. I lost track of Stanley when he moved a couple of years later and would love to look him up sometime.

Thanks for the memories -- and for this chance to relive them!!!

~Myra Kay (Veenker) Pfenning