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ani, glitter

Serving as Queen during Rose Festival's Diamond Jubilee Celebration in 1983

My Rose Festival story took place during the Diamond Jubilee celebration -- the 75th anniversary of the Rose Festival back in 1983.

I was selected to represent Lincoln high school on the Rose Festival Court -- and later selected as Queen during this special year of celebration. I couldn't have been prouder.

My most vivid memory is of an event that was small, not part of the larger community, but incredibly poignant. The court visited many communities, associations, civic groups, employers, retirement communities and hospitals. One afternoon we visited the pediatric patients at Doernbecher Children’s Hospital. The court fanned out and chatted with patients and their families -- and then came together to crown a queen among the patients. I will never forget placing a tiara on the head of a beautiful little girl. Her eyes sparkled and her smile was incredible. Someone from the Oregonian took a picture as the new little queen and I hugged and the joy on both of our faces is obvious.

As young women at the time we weren't always aware of the impact our visits had on others. But in retrospect I take the most pride from those visits -- pride in the smiles and moments of happiness that our group of young women brought to others. That young girl at Doernbecher Hospital truly felt the magic of Rose Festival on that day -- and I felt the magic of being a queen.

-Kira (Rembold) Cador