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ani, glitter

Kicking Off 'Summer Fun' with the Rose Festival

I'm an Oregon native, born and raised in Portland. I have several fond memories of the Grand Floral Parade. Rose Festival time was always a great way to kick off our summer fun!

As a child I would sit on my father's shoulders to view the parade, usually viewing it from the East side of the route. We'd park under the bridge and walk with the crowd toward the parade route, a blanket and chairs in tow.

I was like every child, pestering my parents for cotton candy, a big balloon, or a goofy animal on a stick -- and one year I lucked out and my dad bought me a furry monkey on a stick. I got to wave it and annoy all the parade watchers beside me! The tossed saltwater taffy was always the highlight provided by float riders.

I've most enjoyed hearing and seeing the local high school bands, and more recently the One More Time Around Again Marching Band.

I made attending the Grand Floral Parade a tradition with my five children. Though we now live in Tacoma, Washington, I'd always take them down for the experience. This year I'll be attending with my 20-month-old granddaughter and oldest daughter!

Thank you Rose Festival Association for all the fond memories and happy times over my 48 years!

~Marguerite (Reeves) Oelrich (David Douglas - Class of '75)