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ani, glitter

The Cavemen of the 1953 Grand Floral Parade

Many years ago, Grants Pass, Oregon had cavemen who marched in the Grand Floral Parade -- capturing women along the route and holding them in a cage for a block or two before releasing them. They didn't look like the Geico commercial caveman we see today -- they looked like the pictures we used to see of men with leopard skin costumes that barely covered the necessities who carried ugly-looking clubs! They scared everyone with their looks and actions to match...

In 1953 our family was enjoying the beautiful floats when suddenly my sister-in-law was grabbed by a caveman and hustled away. Her 5-year-old son began screaming, "Mama, mama!" It wasn’t until we saw her running back to us a few minutes later, laughing all the way, that he stopped!

Now, 50+ years later, there are no cavemen in Grants Pass. The city has adopted cleverly-constructed artistic bears, soldiers and eagles. It's a very nice improvement, but I’ll never forget 1953!

~Willa Johnson