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ani, glitter

My Portland Rose Festival Memories

My experience with the Portland Rose Festival Association (1976-2007) has been a very significant part of my life. There are a lot of wonderful memories, but the most remarkable and memorable was my being chosen the First Woman President. Maybe it's hard to believe in today's society, but to choose a woman President in 1993 was a very extraordinary decision after 86 years of male dominance. A few of the men tried to give me a hard time, but eventually we all saw eye to eye -- and the year was most productive and positive. With a fantastic Board, Volunteers, Courts (Senior and Junior) and an unbelievable Staff, it was easy from the get-go.

I loved the opportunities of meeting the people who produce and are connected to other National Festivals in the United States and Taiwan. What a great honor for me to have associated with the court and dignitaries at the Pendleton Round-Up, Fiesta San Antonio, the Pasadena Tournament of Roses, the Aqua Festival in Austin, Texas, Florida's St. Petersburg Festival, Seattle's Seafair, visiting Kaohsiung, Taiwan and many more. What a thrill to know that everyone connected with PRFA and I contributed to help make our Portland Rose Festival one of the top Festivals in the World.

Thanks for the great and unforgettable memories...

Gerri Tisdel

~Gerri Tisdel (President, 1993)