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ani, glitter

One of My Rose Festival Memories -- the Queen's Coronation

When I think of the Rose Festival, I think of many special times throughout my life. One of my fondest childhood memories is of the Queen's Coronations.

In 1961 when I was about nine years old, my mother introduced me to one of her favorite Rose Festival events -- the Queen's Coronation. I grew up in Sherwood, Oregon, so Portland was 15 miles away. But my mother brought the spirit and realm of Rosaria right into our home throughout the Rose Festival! She bought me a scrapbook, and with each new Rose Festival Princess selected and featured, I would excitedly clip the article and picture from the Oregonian and tape it inside.

There was also a special page designated and waiting in my scrapbook for the picture of the newly crowned Rose Festival Queen!

For several years during the 1960's on that special evening in June, my mother and I would sit together to hear the Queen's Coronation on the radio. We'd listen to the articulate, uplifting speeches, woven with hope and enthusiasm -- as we imagined the graceful curtsies, regal Rose Festival waves and actual selection of the Queen of Rosaria, an occasion steeped in tradition, grace and roses.

~Kathryn Anderson Schach