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ani, glitter

Memories of a 1974 Rose Festival Princess

I was selected from the St. Mary's court -- and had to win the Independent selection as well -- in order to be a Princess back in 1974. I was amazed and impressed at the generosity of the citizens of Portland and the state of Oregon.

We had so many civic activities -- and I was instrumental in the writing of our court song. We all had such a great time! From riding elephants in Winston, to the parades, luncheons and opening the festival -- we seemed to be everywhere at once.

It was a whirlwind, it was exhilarating and it was tiring, too -- many times we catnapped between activities.

I loved when we were able to meet the people who were so generous to us, Mr. Stevens of Stevens and Sons gave us all a beautiful silver rose pin and the clothes of our wardrobe were wonderful and showcased Meier & Frank, Pendelton and Jantzen.

We had the best Rosarians and I loved our chaperone, but my personal favorite to this day is our beloved Hillman Lueddemann! He's not only generous and a gentleman, but he continues to remember us and shows interest in our individual lives.

~Alexandra (Gorman) Carney