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ani, glitter

Romance with a Canadian Sailor -- Thanks to the Rose Festival

It was Rose Festival 2000 when an unlikely pair met and fell in love.

She was new to Portland, seeking a new beginning -- and he was just visiting. They would have never met otherwise! She came from Wyoming -- looking for a fresh start and pursuing new career. Troy Routley was a Canadian sailor aboard the HMCS Saskatoon -- from Esquimalt, British Columbia -- experiencing his second Rose Festival that year. It was her first Rose Festival, as she just missed the one from the previous year -- the first one he had attended.

She and her roommate walked into the super busy Kell's Irish Pub on Friday, June 9. He was sitting at a table with other sailors, but there was one empty seat at his table -- it was the only empty seat in the entire pub.

She simply walked up to the table, introduced her roommate and herself and asked to sit down. They shook hands as she sat down next to him.

They went out again the very next night and he sailed away one day later with promises to keep in touch... Luckily, he was a yeoman for the ship and in charge of communications -- so they emailed and phoned almost daily.

December of that year he purposed on bended knee (on a red velvet pillow) -- a night she would never forget!

He gave up being a Canadian sailor and immigrated to be with her. In June of 2001 they were married -- and this year they are happily celebrating their sixth wedding anniversary. They have a three-year-old son.

(Yes, the girl in this story is me...)

~Melody (Zimmerman) Routley