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ani, glitter

Rose Festival -- An Important Part of My Life

During my childhood the Rose Festival was an important part of my life -- from trying out for Junior Princess to attending the St. Johns and Grand Floral parades, it's something I'll always remember!

So many years I enjoyed going to the St. Johns parade [the first parade appearance of the Rose Court]. My grandparents lived down the street from the parade route, and we'd go to their house early, then walk up to the parade. We'd always sit across the street from the bakery, and eat apple slices and cheese while we watched the parade.

Both of my grandparents have passed away now -- and the Rose Festival will always remind me of them, and how much fun we would have going to the events each year.

I hope that one day when I have children we can go and enjoy the parades and everything else the the Rose Festival has to offer.

~Gena Horine