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ani, glitter

My Rose Festival Scrapbook Collection

I'm excited about the upcoming Centennial celebration and wanted to let you know about my collection. Ever since I was a small child, I've saved clippings of Rose Festival events from local newspapers, including the Oregon Journal and the Portland Reporter as well as the Oregonian.

My scrapbooks cover all of the major festival events back to 1960, though I do have some pictures of the Grand Floral Parade from 1959 as well. Unfortunately, my mother (who didn't appreciate all the 'clutter') and my little brother (who was a year old at the time) conspired against me -- and some of my clippings were lost or damaged. Otherwise my scrapbooks would go back to about 1957 or '58!

One of the most interesting things about looking through the books is seeing different events come and go -- and seeing how the festival has evolved over the years. But my favorite part has always been the selection of the Princesses (Ambassadors), and the Queen's Coronation. It's fun to see how clothing and hairstyles have changed in almost 50 years! And you have no idea how badly I wanted to be one of those princesses!

The year that the theme was "I Wish I Were..." I wanted to enter the "I Wish I Were Rose Festival Queen" contest, but I was too young by only five months! (And we lived in the suburbs, so I went to the 'wrong' high school -- and never got a chance to try out for princess.)

Thank you so much, Rose Festival, for all you do for Portland!

~Kathy Shaffer